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Augusto Graziani 1933 - 2014

Augusto Graziani 1933 - 2014

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• Andrew Jackson quotes from and comments on     > Adare Turner, Chairman of the British Financial Services Authority on Debt, Money and Mephistopheles. How do we get out of this mess? > read(Positive Money, 2013, Feb 12th). Part of this is OMF, short for Overt Monetary Financing, that is, direct money issuance by a state body. Sounds kind of familiar. 

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“The essence of the contemporary money system is creation of money out of nothing by banks often foolish lending.”
Martin Wolf, Financial Times, 9 Nov 2010

It is a naive assumption 'that the banking system only expands loans after the Federal reserve System has put reserves in the banking system. In the real world, banks extend credit, creating deposits in the process, and look for the reserves later.'
Alan Holmes, Vice President New York Federal Reserve, 1969.

Josh Ryan-Collins (new economics foundation): Six Myths About Money & Banking